Furniture | 1 |

Lovely readers,

I’ve been collecting beautiful furniture all over the web. Dreaming I might own of these pieces someday. Take a look!





1. // Transparant Chair

Don’t you just love these chairs? I need me some transparant chairs, but they need to be low-budget. Maybe I should get these Ikea ones. Still not that cheap though.

2. // Matching Sidetables

Cyan Design Jules 3 Piece Nesting Tables $380. Aaaah these are beautiful. Would look good in a living room, don’t ya think?

3. // Eames Bird

Vitra Eames House Bird by Charles and Ray Eames $235. I’d like a Eames bird, I’d like anything Eames really.

4. // Transparant Light

Just a pretty light, I think it would look good above the dining table.

5. // Dresser

No longer available. I’ve actually been collecting every dresser I could find here on pinterest.

6. // Circle Mirror 

72 ” Leather Mirror, Mulled Leather. I love the aesthetics of this mirror. And it’s huge!

Which one’s your favorite? Enjoy your weekend!


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