Plant Inspiration | Another Trilogy

Lovely Readers,

I already told you I was planning a plant-related post, and here it is. The other day I realized I don’t have any plants in my home! The only thing that resembled green was my christmas tree and that bugger sadly had to go. Anyway tomorrow I’ll be paying a visit to the IKEA in order to fix this emergency! Want to take a look at where I got my inspiration from?


1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5.

If I buy all of these, I’ll only be 20 euros poorer. Talk about low budget shopping! Never knew plants were this cheap.


Found on Pinterest. I love how those plants are the only flash of color.


Found here. Doesn’t this room look all romantic and charming.


Omg love the dessert feel this room gives! Found here.


I love fern, ever since I saw it in Jurassic Park (you’re right, that IS weird). Found here.


Found here.

So that was part of the inspiration I found on the web. I actually found more pretty stuff but it deserves it’s own post, so that’s what I’ll be doing. Coming soon!

What is your favorite plant? And do you think a house isn’t a home without plants?


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